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Is law the way to sustainable fashion?

This week, I’m bringing you a short from The Fashion Law Chronicles and Cassady Solicitors Sustainable Fashion Talk.

Wednesday night saw a small gathering of fashionistas, designers, lawyers and entrepreneurs for a panel session on sustainability in the fashion industry, hosted by The Fashion Law Chronicles, a platform dedicated to exploring the legal side of fashion and Cassady Solicitors who have specialists in business and start-up law. Panelists included famous eco-fashion warrior and Founder of The Ethical Fashion Forum, Tamsin Lejeune, Olivia Pinnock of the Fashion Debates series, journalist and lecturer and Chinasa Weruzochi, who runs sustainable fashion brand Weruzo.

As ever with these panels, the topic evolves as the audience participates: it was agreed by all that the challenges the fashion industry faces is the business model that has developed, primarily by itself, and been encouraged by consumers. Fashion brands are creating lots of products, that are made quickly and badly, they are selling garments cheaply and making a great profit, consumers are happy about having lots of choice and at low prices and this means that these businesses have lots of power. 

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