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We wanted to put a face to the name and hear solid arguments from people very involved in the topic so we attended The Fashion Law Chronicles event at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design last week. We discussed the danger of consuming ‘Ready-to-wear’, the importance of eliminating synthetic fibres from the manufacturing process and how we, as fashion consumers who also care about the environment, can contribute to this change by swapping a few shopping habits. 

"Whereas in other industries is easier to have a control, in fashion can be quite more difficult to track the origin of a piece of clothing since every element used can be produced in a different region or outsourced across different suppliers."
Common Objective CEO, Tamsin Lejeune, provided very insightful best practices to the audience and she threw some light on the fact that how big supplier chains still are roughly far away from assuming a sustainable producing process and much more to educate the decision making of the customer.

"Commonobjective.co is an intelligent business network for the fashion industry. Our technology matches members with the connections and resources they need to succeed - and makes it easier for them to work in the most sustainable way."

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